Welcome to hiopy’s documentation!#

hiopy writes model output in chunks, parallel.

In a typical setup, hiopy is coupled to the model (e.g. ICON) using YAC and output is written in zarr to any fsspec supported storage.

In order to write the output parallelized, multiple hiopy processes run concurrently in a coordinated manner. Each process is associated with a fixed set output chunks.


hiopy can be installed using pip:

pip install git+https://gitlab.gwdg.de/ican/hiopy.git

In order to use it with YAC, YAC must also be installed (including Python-bindings).


hiopy comes with a single executable and has several subcommands. Please use:

hiopy -h

to get a list of currently installed subcommands and use:

hiopy <subcommand> -h

to get help about the subcommand. For further details, please refer to Getting Started.